Open-houses and technology, a match made in heaven?

The real estate industry shifts with the different developments in tech as time goes by

Real estate can only improve even further from here. GoinykProduction/Shutterstock

As the real estate industry progresses, developers have been coming up with creative ways of making open-houses more interesting and appealing for buyers and investors, all the while making it more convenient for those who cannot view onsite. Is technology the answer they have been looking for?


Drones offer a unique perspective to a project, capturing it through photography and videography in a more dramatic manner from a bird’s point of view. According to media company Viral Real Estate, drones create more striking images that attract people to the viewing. They also allow for multiple angles of villas, islands, homes, or hundreds of acres of land to be captured in a way that cannot be done by other professional photo or video cameras. 

Drones also capture the art of virtual homes well in a way that provides a new way for viewers to tour the inside of the property from one area to the other. It allows them to see the layout of the property as if they were walking through it physically. 

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Floor Plan Apps

Making floor plans is tiresome and can be a hassle from all the hardware needed, but proptech app CubiCasa noted how there are easier ways to make them: Floor Plan Apps. These apps reduce the time needed with floor plans in just four steps. First is to download a floor plan app into your phone, scan the space for each room separately, get it ready with the room dimensions, then export to any format needed.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality has been a running theme in real estate. What makes augmented reality notable, as per tech studio Immersive Technology, is it lets realtors share 3D floor plan renderings with their viewers from inside the property. There can be real time guided tours connected through technology or apps that lets the viewers experience the house and ask questions to the realtor from the comfort of wherever they are staying.

These are some of the innovations real estate has coming, and it can only improve even further from here. All this new technology paired with open-houses would make an amazing combination for real estate.

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