Perks of condominium living

Recent developments make condominiums more ideal for living

The condominium unit uses less energy than a whole house. VolodymyrKyrylyuk/Shutterstock

Newer generations have been purchasing condominiums rather than detached houses, and Latham noted the advantages to condominiums that drive newer generations to make the decision of purchasing condominiums rather than detached houses.. 

These structures create a neutral zone which allows breathing room for people living in dense cities. The views seen from high-rise buildings are unbeatable, especially at the end of the day. These benefit the economy in a way where they help remedy housing shortages and provide opportunities for people with different financial statuses. These also encourage people to live with less, thus helping residents live more sustainably to provide a positive environmental impact.

In a paper on Strata written by Sam Massoudi, he described how condominium residents have less of a carbon footprint than those living in detached houses. The condominium unit uses less energy than a whole house, and they have communal utilities such as gyms so residents don’t have to allocate a space or buy their own equipment, adding to the overall electronic consumption of their own home. 

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Housing can get more expensive as well, so people looking for residences may lean towards condominium life for something more affordable. This combined with the more sustainable life that comes with living in a condominium makes it more efficient and appealing for future homeowners. 

In relation to sustainability and positive environmental impact, Frontiers reported on how climate change has called for better sustainable designs to face natural disasters like storms and floods. To do so, architects and engineers have been studying climates and designing buildings according to their findings to help withstand the prevalent natural disasters in the area. Along with this, designs are being made so condominiums have more open spaces for plants to grow and fresh air to flow through. 

Many developers are planning to invest in studying ways to filter air and water well in light of the recent pandemic in order to keep viruses from contaminating the entire building. Hygiene in general is also being reinforced to keep condominiums safe, not just environmentally, but also healthwise.

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