PropertyGuru Week’s grand finale: Private screening of ‘Wonderful Waste’ by NeverTooSmall

Showcasing sustainable visions in real estate through innovative approach to construction waste

Bangkok, Thailand – The second annual private screening event, hosted by PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit, took place on 9 December, at Cinema Oasis in Bangkok, Thailand, marking the grand finale of PropertyGuru Week. This exclusive event featured the critically acclaimed ‘Wonderful Waste’ series by Melbourne-based media company NeverTooSmall.

Emcee Tina Ryan opened the evening, welcoming guests to the exclusive screening party and acknowledging NeverTooSmall’s impressive YouTube following of 2.5M subscribers. Tina encouraged the audience to engage with the channel, emphasising the importance of supporting sustainable content.

L-R: Jessica Zafra and Colin Chee

The event spotlighted Colin Chee, founder and director of NeverTooSmall and the 2022 Visionary Awardee at the Summit. Colin provided an engaging conversation about the ‘Wonderful Waste’ series, offering insights into the creative process and vision behind the work.

‘Wonderful Waste’ is a groundbreaking series that delves into the transformative use of waste in the construction and design industry. The series showcases six innovators from around the globe who creatively repurpose waste materials, turning discarded items like furniture, plastics, and construction debris into valuable resources. This theme resonated throughout the screening, aligning with the sustainability goals of the PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit.

Palanca Award-winning author and journalist, Jessica Zafra, took over from Tina to lead the panel discussions. These discussions provided an interactive platform for attendees, including the 2023 Visionary Awardee: Ar. Vinu Daniel, a climate-responsive architect, 1 TED2023 speaker, and the founder of Wallmakers, to engage with the content and creator, fostering an enriching dialogue on sustainable living and innovative design.

Ar. Vinu joining in on the discussion on sustainable strategies

The programme unfolded seamlessly, with attendees immersed in the six-episode series, interspersed with panel discussions and short breaks. The event culminated in a lucky draw, followed by closing remarks that encapsulated the spirit of innovation and creativity that the ‘Wonderful Waste’ series embodies.

Post-screening, guests were invited to a cocktail reception, providing an opportunity for networking and discussions inspired by the series.

This event underscored the commitment of PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit to innovation and sustainability, bringing together thought leaders and creative minds in the real estate industry.

Watch the Wonderful Waste series here:

Gynen Kyra Toriano, Digital Content Manager at PropertyGuru, wrote this article. For more information, email: [email protected].