The digitalisation of real estate

Technology makes the sector more efficient and accessible

The real estate industry is shifting to digitalisation. Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock

The world is moving more fast-paced as technology advances, and different sectors have been trying to use these advances to their advantage. Real estate consultancy Dubai Housing revealed that technology plays a significant role in Dubai’s real estate industry, from the property management to the actual sales and marketing, since all aspects are now digitalised.

The digitalisation of the sector keeps important documents centralised, making it easier for companies to manage their property portfolios both locally and internationally. It also makes digital marketing a more feasible option with easy access to digital marketing tools, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

Professionals Collective, a real estate professionals hub, reported  that technology has been changing real estate in several ways, such as through virtual tours – the most prominent of technology’s effect on the sector – that allows property seekers to view projects more efficiently from the comfort of where they reside. Drones and 3D imaging help with virtual tours and online viewing by creating the walk-through experience and capturing the full aerial view of the property, as well.

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There are also effects on the more thought-processed side of real estate. AI chatbots are being utilised to assist buyers with their search for the best property deals for them. Blockchain technology is being used for the sake of real estate transactions’ transparency, speed, and security. Real estate agents are using predictive analytics to identify market trends or potential problems that can help them boost their sales and portfolios.

The real estate industry is shifting to digitalisation as further developments are made to the technology driving it. With the amount of innovations being introduced, it is important to stay on top of everything and to embrace the new norm of technological advancements. This way, real estate can be more efficient and accessible while catering to the demands of the market.

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