The Philippines fights off climate change

Frequented by natural disasters, the archipelago takes measures to reduce climate impact

Filipinos believe that climate change is still something that they could reign in. Horizonman/Shutterstock

Climate change has been affecting Filipinos so much in the past three years that 93 percent of adult Filipinos have expressed their experience of it. According to GMA News Online, this was revealed from the results of a social weather survey done in December of 2022, with 93 percent indicating they have experienced varying levels of climate change’s impacts.

Despite the large number of those affected, 88 percent agreed that there could still be something that they could do to minimise climate risks, especially with the help of other people. They believe that climate change is still something that they could reign in so long as multiple people, whether in a higher power or not, help each other.

That is what the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has been doing in collaboration with the Green Climate Fund (GCF), as reported by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs’s (OCHA) information platform Reliefweb

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A USD145.3 million funding was approved to implement projects in different countries, the Philippines being one of them. This is so the national initiatives that the country has supported by FAO could be prioritised and implemented to help the nation adapt to the effects of climate change and find a way to reverse it.

With the Philippines being home to multiple catastrophic natural or weather events, the country received USD26.2 million from the GCF grant and USD12.9 million from the Department of Agriculture’s and the Philippine Atmospheric and the Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration’s own funds to help the agricultural systems adapt. Hopefully, with the projects done under their funding, the Philippines can expect a reduction of carbon emissions by 4.38 metric tons.

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