The Philippines takes green steps

Transitioning into a more sustainable lifestyle is one of the opportunities to protect the Philippines from climate change

The country is taking extra care to implement more eco-conscious derivatives. jejim/Shutterstock

Climate change is affecting the Philippines in a way that gives them a higher disaster risk level compared to the rest of the world. Although it was this way even before climate change, the Manila Bulletin listed how climate change worsened the natural disasters in the country. 

Tropical cyclones are becoming more frequent, leading to an increase in landfall. Sea levels rise quicker, leading to floods. The agricultural sector of the country gets disturbed by both floods and droughts, decreasing its productivity. Yet, even with these risks, there is a good chance the country can learn to alleviate climate change and avoid these scenarios.

Business Insight quoted Dr. Prinyantha Wijayatunga, the chief of the Energy Sector Group of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), on the fact that she believes the industries in the Philippines are all prepared to go into sustainable energy and sustainability in general. This change would lead to less waste, which would lessen the causes of climate change.

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The Climate Change Act was established long ago to help achieve sustainability. Laws and policies were implemented under this act to help address the Philippines’ ecological issues, and Business World reported different projects under all these established guidelines for sustainability.

Green infrastructure and architecture are being invested increasingly both to aid in sustainability and recover from the pandemic-induced economic crisis. This is a big project that is being prioritised and funded by the government and private establishments to encourage resource-efficient and climate-smart lifestyles throughout the country.

The green movement spread in the Philippines has led to more opportunities for green investment and the increase of green financing. On top of this, the country is taking extra care to implement more eco-conscious derivatives, such as investing in renewable energy and establishing the Sustainable Tourism Development Project.

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