The WEF Global Risk Report 2024, and other APAC real estate headlines


For PropertyGuru’s roundup of real estate updates today, we lead with the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2024 warning us that the greatest risks for humanity are climate change and nature loss. We also feature the use of indigenous wisdom for today’s architecture and tips on how to travel sustainably.

Climate change and nature loss pose greatest risks for humanity: WEF Global Risk Report 2024

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Risks Report 2024 found the top four most severe risks over the next ten years to be: extreme weather events, critical change to Earth systems, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse, and natural resource shortages. Pollution also features within the top ten most severe risks. Concerningly, the report as presented by the World Wildlife Fund argues that cooperation on urgent global issues could be in increasingly short supply, underlining the importance of concerted action and collaboration to address the climate and nature emergencies.

Exploring indigenous wisdom: A journey through architecture rooted in tradition and community

In a time marked by environmental challenges and a growing demand for authenticity and cultural diversity, architects are increasingly turning to indigenous knowledge systems not only as sources of inspiration, but as viable solutions to adapt and respond to local and global challenges. As traditional custodians of the land, indigenous communities posses a profound understanding of their ecosystems, locally-available materials, cultural norms and social constrains. According to ArchDaily, this knowledge holds insights valuable for shaping contemporary architecture, helping it adapt to both the people and their environments.

Top 10 ways to travel more sustainably in 2024

Regrettably, travel frequently involves numerous unsustainable practices, including air travel, excessive waste, and the displacement of locals and their businesses to accommodate tourist destinations.

Fortunately, according to the BBC in a TechRound report, eager travellers are not shying away from this reality. In fact, its study reveals that over three-quarters of travellers want to embrace more sustainable travel practices in the coming year.

As such, there is no better time than now to examine why sustainability in travel matters and explore actionable ways to achieve it.

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