Going green, a $24 trillion investment opportunity

Green buildings are said to be lucrative investments, offering USD24 trillion in emerging markets

Green building investments can contribute to sustainability and triple investors’ bottom line. fbehar0/Shutterstock

Each passing day, the environment constantly changes — and not for the better. Fortunately, industries across the globe have taken notice and are opting to do their part in helping the planet heal. Among the solutions implemented by the real estate sector are green buildings, which play a crucial role in reducing carbon footprint. However, it is surprising how few investors know about it, and its impact on the value of properties.  

According to Forbes, one of the key things investors must know about green buildings is that these type of buildings can enhance profits. If done correctly, such investment can contribute to sustainability and triple investors’ bottom line. Profits can increase via energy-efficient outfits, as well as rental premiums commanded by healthier assets that warrant higher values. On top of financial benefits, Ries et al. noted that green construction can also produce economic benefits such as boosting health and safety, improving employee productivity, and generating savings from energy, maintenance, and operational cost.  

On that note, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) added that green buildings are a USD24 trillion investment opportunity in emerging markets. Prashant Kapoor of IFC offers solutions to ease the process for developers in the article ‘A developer’s guide to going green: Benefits, financing, certification’, published in the ARES digital White Paper Vol. 1. As more attention is given to this matter over time, it is hoped that more and more investors will see the long-term benefits of going green.  

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