Solar microgrids are key to sustainable communities

Solar energy takes a step up and grows into a bigger solution to providing green energy

Solar energy is a long-time concept that has been improved on as years passed. DiyanaDimitrova/Shutterstock

Climate change continues to be a pressing problem, which is why many ways of combating them are being developed. One of these ways is through the use of solar energy harnessed through a microgrid to fuel a community, shared  Electrical Contractor.

A community in Michigan, for instance, is developing a more sustainable way of living using an independent solar microgrid, with the hope of becoming the first fully solar-powered, carbon-neutral, and fossil fuel-free community in America. All utilities in each building will have fully solar-powered appliances and utilities.

Though solar panel installation does cost between USD12,000 to USD20,000, the payment would be a one-time thing and would generate payback in energy costs in the future. Not only would homeowners be able to save in the long term, they would also live sustainably.

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Solar energy is a long-time concept that has been improved on as years passed. GreenBiz reported that it became more efficient and affordable, putting it up on the market against fossil fuels. Using solar energy cuts down energy costs, providing the opportunity to put microgrids in use.

Microgrids increase the capacity of solar energy in a flexible and reliable manner. This makes them ideal for larger infrastructures like commercial or industrial buildings. They are also more efficient with creating energy while recovering from or going through storms and natural disasters. 

Harnessing solar energy is not the only purpose of the microgrids to be in awe of. They also provide a technological bridge between the conversion and distribution of the energy it harnesses. That is why they would be able to support multiple grids.

With the vast potential of microgrids to provide energy to large structures and communities for long amounts of time, it really is proving to be the future of sustainability.

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