24 Nov 2021 | By Ruechupa Jiratanasophin

Is sustainability a luxury not everyone can afford?

Global brand IKEA believes that, as a business, they possess huge responsibilities that impact the world’s most topical, critical needs

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22 Feb 2021 | By Ruechupa Jiratanasophin

Creating sustainable cities for future generations

Developers are stepping up by building walking cities and setting green standards

Asia Pacific | Newsroom
1 Jul 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Exploring efficient design: Groundbreaking solutions to transform urban cities

Prof. Jason Pomeroy joins us at the webinar to discuss challenges faced in urban cities, as well as concepts to address such issues

Asia | Newsroom
29 May 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

Buildings under construction: The impact on the environment and on its workforce

These structures enable us to live a more comfortable lifestyle in cities, but we must not forget its drawbacks during construction

Asia | Newsroom
30 Apr 2020 | By Gynen Kyra Toriano

If green buildings are crucial to addressing climate change, why aren’t we seeing more of them?

Industry experts reveal what’s stopping developers from going green – and it all boils down to lack of finances

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